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We are looking for TikTok savants who love Korean culture, love streetwear and fashion, and love making creative content. 

"So what does this TikTok position entail exactly?"

  • Brainstorm TikTok video ideas for KORELIMITED that touch on a variety of topics including - but not limited to - fashion, Korean culture, skits, storytelling, interview, and any other that could seamlessly integrate into the KORE account.
  • Prepare any props, location, models, and equipment needed for the videos.
  • Record and edit the videos fully as needed for the platform.
  • Deliver 15-20 videos per week.
  • Upload videos onto the platform according to the scheduled times.
  • Engage with followers, commenters, and any messages on the account.
  • Basically, if you have TikTok and use it 23094 hours a day 😂, you should be good. But we can't have just anybody and everybody, so take a look below and see if you fit the description.

  • Must have your own TikTok account
  • Must be an active user and upload your own content regularly
  • Must be knowledgeable about the trending videos and sounds
  • Must have a great interest or passion in fashion and streetwear
  • Knowledge in Korean culture is a PLUS
  • Must be experienced and comfortable using the TikTok for recording, editing, and engagement
  • Must be able to use editing programs Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro
  • Must be able to commute to the office at least 2 times per week.
  • Must be available for events to cover content.
  • Must be communicative, responsible, punctual, and be able to work independently as well as collectively in group settings

    "All sounds great, but what's in it for me".

    • First off, this internship is PAID (which we will discuss further during the interview after we have a better understanding your experience and knowledge of the platform).
    • Next, you get discounted KORE apparel. Mind you, you'll also receive freebies here and there.
    • You get firsthand access to our network, influencers, talents and artists. Basically if you're looking to get connected within the Korean / Korean-American / Asian community of entertainment and talents, you can get better than ours.
    • Also, we have a family like environment with a tight team, so you have premium experience with e-commerce, production, and design as well.  

    "Sounds good. I'M SOLD. Where do I sign up?"

    Easy. Just email us at the following

    • Resume + Cover Letter
    • Your TikTok handle (and other social media accounts you own or handle)
    • And your favorite Korean food


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