All measurements are in inches. Shirt measurements may vary by +/- 0.5”.
Top Wear
Chest - Measure the width from one armpit to the other armpit.
Length - Measure from the highest point of the shoulder straight down to the bottom of the shirt.*
Sleeve - Measure from the center back of the neck to the end of the sleeve.**
Shoulder - Measure the width from the seam of one shoulder to the seam of other shoulder.
*Different measurement used for elongated tees. View chart.
**Different measurement used for bomber jackets. View chart.
Bottom Wear
Waist - Measure width from top of the waist to the other side of the waist.
Length - Measure the length from the top of the waist down the outer seam to the end of the leg.
Thigh - Measure width from crotch across to outer seam.

Washing KORELIMITED apparel
General Rule: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
Make sure to flip the clothes inside out to avoid color fading. For non-sweatshirt jackets, it is best to air dry. For hats, it is best to hand wash and air dry. (Note: 100% cotton will shrink a bit in the dryer.)