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This past summmer, we jumped on the opportunity to work with WCSP (also known as Woven Cut Sewn to Perfection). Sought out by athletes, rappers, artists, and bmx riders, WCSP is well-known on Melrose as a brand that specializes in high quality cut and sew garment. We couldn't help taking on the chance to collaborate with them for our very first custom designed apparel.
KORE x WCSP's 7080 Camo set (top and pants) in colors grey and white (worn by Kryskhloe).
As a brand that celebrates Korean culture and lifestyle, we wanted to make sure to incorporate our roots but also deliver something trendy and modern. Our project, inspired by different times of Korean history, consisted of two designs: our KDH tee (representing 1950s Korea) and our 7080 Camo oufit, which depicts a glimpse of Korea's school fashion during the 1970s/1980s.
KDH, or Kim Duhan, was infamously known as a first generation street gangster and one of the strongest fist fighters of his time. He was an iconic figure many of us grew up watching through film and TV series, similar to how some people might view Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, except that Kim was also notably associated as a political figure. Although he might have been labeled a mobster, Kim was well-respected for fighting Japanese gangs on the streets of Jongro and resisting Japanese ruling during the colonization. His influence later led him to serve as a politician for multiple terms in Korea's National Assembly.
Kryskhloe wearing our KORE x WCSP KDH (Kim Duhan) tee. Comes in 3 colorways (vintage white, black, and spice).
Our KDH tee design consists of a black and white portrait of KDH on the front and a short biographical description on the back. 
Post Korean War, high schools throughout South Korea implemented a mandatory drill class where male students wore a special camo military uniform and were trained to fight in case a war broke out; female students were taught to medically treat the injured. Although the gyo ryeon bok was a formal uniform, it was at times casually worn by rebel students and fashionably styled in a loose-fit manner. We put our spin on the original black and white camo pattern and produced this outfit as a short-sleeved version. Accented with custom KORE and WCSP patches on both chest pockets, the 7080 Camo is a super limited edition set reminisces on the 1970s and 1980s Korea.
Kryskhloe wearing our KORE x WCSP's 7080 camo top and pants in white. Also available in grey.
Here's a video of our launch party with WCSP that you can check out on our Youtube channel. 


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