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This June, we officially launched our collaboration designs with South Korean streetwear brand Critic. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Critic is known for their variety of text designs and take on old school urban wear. For our collaboration pieces, we fused Critic's style with KORE's theme of Korean culture and put together two sets: Critical KORE and Hollywood. Both designs (available in shirts and hats) are inspired by the Korean billiard culture during the 1980's. 

Both shirts are available in two colors while hats are available in single colors.
Critical KORE caps come in black and Hollywood jockey caps in maroon.
For those curious what the back of our Hollywood shirt translates, here it is:
돈이 걸린 게임에는 친구 및 (부모형제)도 버린다.
In a game with money at stake, friends and even family are abandoned.
큰 게임에 (승리)한 후 동전 (계산)은 보조한다.
After a big victory, help in calculating the costs.
상대방의 실수는 (박장대소)로 응수한다.
Respond to the opponent’s mistake with laughter.
가급적 후루꾸를 쳐서 상대방의 (기)를 죽인다.
Hit a fluke when possible and make the opponent feel dispirited.
(장타) 치고 난 후 완벽한 디펜스를 한다.
After a long shot, set up the perfect defense.
수시로 말을 걸어서 상대방 (정신)을 흐트린다.
Frequently create conversation to distract your opponent.
어려운 공은 시간을 끌어 상대방 (심기)를 흐트린다.
For difficult shots, drag the time on to disrupt your opponent’s mood.
후루꾸는 필히 (장타)로 연결한다.
A fluke shot must be followed by a long shot.
내일 지구의 (종말)이 와도 나는 한 게임의 당구를 치겠다.
Even if the world ends tomorrow, I will play a game of billiards.


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