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KORE x IAMNOTAHUMANBEING's Soldier's Duty dad hat comes in 5 colorways (maroon, black, charcoal, khaki, and white).

This past spring 2017, KORE collaborated with the hottest streetwear brand in South Korea called IAMNOTAHUMANBEING. Worn by iconic celebrities like artist/producer Zico (from Block B) and Artist Jay Park along with many other rappers and Kpop idols, IAMNOTAHUMANBEING grew rapidly within the streetwear culture. Although it has only been a few years since the start of the brand, it has already expanded to numerous locations in all of South Korea and launched in Japan this spring.

The KORE x IAMNOTAHUMANBEING design depicts a handprint of Ahn Jung-geun (one of Korea's prominent independent activitists). His handprint became a significant symbol in Korea because it shows his cut-off fourth finger. Ahn and several other activists severed their ring finger as a commitment to assassinate General Ito Hirobumi and fight for Korea's absolute independence.
KORE x IAMNOTAHUMANBEING's Soldier's Duty tee comes in 3 colorways (cardinal, black, and charcoal).
The front of the tee shows Ahn's signature handprint accompanied by his name in Hanja (Chinese characters) below the hand and his baptismal name 'Thomas' above the hand. When imprisoned after the assassination General Ito, Ahn insisted that his captors call him by his baptismal name. The back of the shirt features one of Ahn's famous messages, "It is a soldier's duty to be devoted to his country," written in Hanja as well.
We will be dropping the design tomorrow, 7/21/2017. 


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