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1 Million Dance Studio chief choreographer Lia Kim wearing the KORE x GACHI tee in black.
Photo credit: Ryan B. Chua (Instagram @ryanbyryanchua)
Lia Kim is a professional dancer and choreographer from South Korea. Specializing in pop and hip-hop dance, she teaches numerous students around the world as the head choreographer of the renowned 1Million Dance Studio (Gangnam, Seoul). Lia Kim and the rest of 1Million has become an internet sensation through their hit music choreographies on Youtube. The channel now has more than 450 million views and 2.6 million Youtube subscribers. Lia continues to work with 1Million Dance Studio and serves as a major contribution to Korea’s entertainment and dance industry, working with artists under corporations including CJ E&M, SM, YG, JYP and LOEN Entertainment. She continues to be one of Asia’s leading dancers and dedicates her time teaching young artists in workshops and classes around the world.
1 Million Dance Studio chief choreographer Lia Kim in KORE x GACHI dad hat and KORE x GACHI bomber jacket.
Photo credit: Eddie Hauser (Instagram @pukeshot)
In summer 2016, KORELIMITED received a chance to collaborate with Lia Kim and her brand “GΔCHI.” The KORE X GΔCHI collaboration is the first of its kind, dropping new jacket, shirt, hat, and jogger designs in one release. Lia's brand GACHI is the romanization for the Korean word 가치, meaning “value.” Coincidentally, Gachi is the same phonetically as the word 같이 or "together." The brand dedicates itself in reminding society the importance of value and worthiness in everyday life. GΔCHI is not just a brand, but an idea and a movement that can positively be incorporated to anything to push forth value and fellowship. KORELIMITED has chosen this fantastic collaboration with Lia Kim in order to celebrate the importance of value and worthiness for culture, fashion, and the arts.
 Check out our exclusive interview with Lia Kim. She talks about how she started dancing, her experience at KCON LA 2016, and her collaboration with us!


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