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KORE x LA CLIPPERS: In celebration of Korean Heritage Night 2020

KORE x LA CLIPPERS: In celebration of Korean Heritage Night 2020


We wanted to highlight this past January 16, our first celebration of Korean Heritage Night with the LA Clippers. This year was also the very first time the LA Clippers collaborated with any brands for their heritage night, so it was an incredible honor creating a piece that could be celebrated by both the Korean and Los Angeles  community. 

LA Clippers Staples Center

LA Clippers vs. Orlando Magic

Thanks to the fan love and support of both KORE and the LA Clippers, the 2020 Korean Heritage Night t-shirts and tickets were sold out in minutes. (Shirts were exclusively available on game day at the Staples Center and are not available online.)

The night began with the US National Anthem sung by actress/artist Arden Cho, followed by an audience pumping half-time show with Korean rapper Dok2. Chuck the Condor had the entire center cheering while shooting out our Korean Heritage Night shirts to the crowd.

Chuck the Condor wearing KORELIMITED x LA Clippers Korean Heritage Night tee

It was important for us to deliver a design that was more than a stamp of the Korean flag. We wanted this piece to both reflect our motto (Keepin Our Roots Eternal) and carry a hip streetwear look. The sleeves and front bottom of the shirt are marked with 4 trigrams that can also be found on the Korean flag. These stripes which compose of 3, 4, 5, and 6 bars signify heaven, fire, water, and earth, respectively. If worn with arms crossed, the entire body of the shirt resembles the Taegukki, Korean flag.

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