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Wilshire Grand Center

Wilshire Grand Center

The Wilshire Grand Center now holds the title for the tallest building in Los Angeles, the tallest building in California, as well as the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Located in the Financial District of Downtown Los Angeles and standing at 1,100-feet tall, the tower has its decorative spire to thank for achieving this feat. Since the Los Angeles City Hall in 1928, it is the first Downtown high-rise building that does not have a flat roof. Instead at its apex, is a glass “crown” and light-up spire that rises above the 73rd floor.

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But why does this tower hold significance to us? Yes it is the tallest building in LA, but it also holds some significant Korean background. The idea to revive the former Wilshire Grand Hotel was held by none other than Chairman and CEO of Korean Air himself, Cho Yang-ho. Today, this building can be viewed as a symbol of how much Korean immigrants and their descendants have shaped their adopted city of Los Angeles. The best view of the Wilshire Grand Center is looking east from Koreatown, which makes it a building of which all Koreans can be proud.

Image courtesy of Hunter Kerhart Architectural PhotographyPhoto Credit: Hunter Kerhart Architectural Photography

Inside the famous building, you can take a night inside one of the luxury hotel rooms at the Intercontinental Hotel, rent a space for your own personal business, or dine at many of their upscale restaurants. One of the more noted attractions of the building is an open-air sky bar atop the roof of the building: Spire 73. Here you can enjoy stellar views of the city, as well as food, cocktails, and a menu of high-end whiskeys.

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