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Robot Taekwon V

Robot Taekwon V

Forty-two years ago on July 24, 1976, the South Korean animated film Robot Taekwon V was released in South Korea. Directed by Kim Cheong-Gi and produced by Yu Hyun-mok, the film’s purpose was to create a Korean hero for children to enjoy. In order to emphasize the Korean ties of the film, Kim had the leading characters perform traditional martial art and gave the robot the ability to do Taekwondo kicks as well.

The film immediately became a hit-release in the late 1970s and inspired multiple sequels. Popularity grew so much that Robot Taekwon V was later released in the United States in a dubbed format under the new name Voltar the Invincible. This film also became the first Korean film to receive full digital restoration treatment in 2005.

It comes as no surprise that the famous robot Taekwon V claimed its place in our growing collection of designs. With as much popularity as it has received in the past, it only felt right for us to celebrate the accomplishments of the film and remember our roots in ways that tie into street fashion today: the retro way. Parallel to the digital restoration in 2005, we decided to give the title a restoration of our own! We hope you enjoy the newest designs to our brand, KVRE and V2.

Left photo: KVRE Hoodie, Klassic K dad hat / Right photo: KVRE Hoodie
The designs were created by @street_saint_art and inspired by none other than our favorite Korean crime-fighting robot, Taekwon V. They are meant to embody the fighting spirit of the lead character Kim Hoon and his fight against evil.

Left photo: V2 tee / Right photo: V2 long sleeve

Check out our newest retro-inspired designs as well as many others and be on the lookout for more to come! 

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