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This was Our Most Iconic Design This Year

This was Our Most Iconic Design This Year

Earlier this year, in February during the PyeongChang Olympics, we launched a special series of designs commemorating this annual sports event. At the beginning of our brand in 2013, we had created a 1988 Olympic design to highlight the historical moment the Olympics were first held in Seoul. After Korea had endured an identity-stripping colonization, division of its own country, and nationwide re-development, the 1988 Summer Olympics had indicated South Korea's competence and successful modernization to host the world's greatest sports event. This year, 30 years later, South Korea was chosen again, but this time to prepare the 2018 Winter Olympics.  

The PyeongChang Olympics was significant not just because this was South Korea's second time hosting the Olympics, but also because it was the first time hosting the Winter Olympics. The pivotal mark for making this Olympics more significant was North and South Korea's decision to march together under one flag, the unification flag. They even participated together in selected activities. After over 70 years of division and political tension, this huge milestone was an unexpected action of peace between the two nations.

This year's Olympics definitely made history, and celebrities, non-celebrities, Koreans, non-Koreans all excitedly watched the games. And, of course, many sported our limited edition 2018 PC collection while supporting their favorite athletes.


The 2018PC limited edition collection (no longer available) consists of hoodies, sweatpants, headwear, and a blanket all marking the words PYEONGCHANG and our customized 2018 Olympics rings. Check out the designs below and let us know which piece is your favorite.


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