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What Inspired our Fall '18 Collection

What Inspired our Fall '18 Collection

Our latest Fall '18 collection was inspired by elements of Korean history and culture from which we can all learn. So we decided to highlight the meanings of a few of our best-selling items from this season.

GORYEO (hoodie & long sleeve)

Our most popular of the collection, the Goryeo design, is based on the royal flag from the Goryeo dynasty, one of the Korean kingdoms that lasted from 918 A.D. – 1392 A.D. This flag, also called bong-ki, would be seen during royal processions, and the bird on the flag takes on the shape of a phoenix, signifying immortality.


HONEY (long sleeve & tee)

Our Honey design represents the original Korean cartoon character Hani (하니), from the late ‘80s comic series “Run, Hani.” Hani, a 13-year-old track and field athlete, loses her mother early in her childhood and encounters problems with people around her because of her reckless and spunky personality.

“Run, Hani”, a comic series published in 1985, became an animated series in 1988 in South Korea. Because foreign comics were usually more popular than Korean comics, Hani became an iconic character for being one of the first original Korean animations to receive wide attention. In addition, with the Olympics being held in Seoul for the first time in 1988, “Run, Hani” became an even more treasured animation for the nation.  


KOREAN TIGER (long sleeve & tee)

The Korean tiger, often found in Korean folklore, is a sacred creature that symbolizes good luck and protection from evil spirits. The traditional image of the Korean tiger rendered in folk art has exaggerated features characterized by large bulging eyes, a wide grin, and sometimes spots (instead of stripes). We’ve put a hidden message in the Korean tiger. See if you can spot it.

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