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After our recent trip to Seoul, we decided to jump on board with one of the biggest streetwear brands in South Korea -- IAMNOTAHUMANBEING. For those who are not familiar with IAMNOTAHUMANBEING, it's been only about 3 years since the launch of the brand and they have already expanded throughout South Korea and internationally. With A-list artists like Zico and Jay Park who frequently wear the brand, IAMNOTAHUMANBEING is probably one of the fastest growing clothing brands in all of Korea. 

For this collaboration project, we pieced together an Ahn Jung-geun design with his signature handprint. Why Ahn Jung-geun? We've done our share of research on significant people in Korean history. And while there are tons of patriotic pioneers for whom we have endless respect, Ahn was a leader that stood out for this particular collaboration. His promise to fight for his country's independence was unique from other patriots; he cut his own fourth finger, along with his comrades, as a statement to assassinate General Ito Hirobumi and fight until his country regained its independence. His bold action was a perfect fit between Kore's motto of 'Keepin Our Roots Eternal' and IAMNOTAHUMANBEING's loud streetwear style.

We dropped this design only at our recent events and aside from the excitement that this is a collab with IAMNOTAHUMANBEING, the crowd loved the aesthetics of the designs as well as the meaning behind it. You can check out all the colorways we carry on the NEW products list.

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