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K-Pop Throwbacks To Add To Your Playlist

K-Pop Throwbacks To Add To Your Playlist

K-Pop has become an undeniable worldwide phenomenon in recent years thanks to artists such as BTS, BLACKPINK, and EXO. However, before today’s K-Pop idols, there were artists such as Kim Sung Jae, 1TYM, and Turbo. The songs that made these artists famous are still covered by newly-debuted idols, showing the lasting impact that these singers and rappers have had on the K-Pop industry.

We recently compiled some of these songs into a playlist for newer K-Pop fans to explore the roots of the genre. Check it out here.

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  1. Candy - H.O.T (cover by PENTAGON)
  2. Goodbye - Park Hye Kyung (cover by Red Velvet's Joy)
  3. Dunk Shot - Lee Seung Hwan (cover by NCT Dream)
  4. Listen To My Word - Papaya (cover by OH MY GIRL)
  5. Perfect Man - Shinhwa (cover by BTS)
  6. As I Told You - Kim Sung Jae (cover by BTS)
  7. Come Back Home - Seo Taiji and Boys 
  8. Happiness - H.O.T (cover by SEVENTEEN)
  9. Angel Who Lost Wings - Roora (cover by APINK and BTOB)
  10. A Winter Story - DJ DOC (cover by STRAY KIDS)
  11. To My Boyfriend - Fin.K.L (cover by GFRIEND)
  12.  I Know - Seo Taiji and Boys (cover by BTOB)
  13. 1TYM - 1TYM (cover by BOYS24 Unit Red)
  14. Back To Me - Uptown
  15. YaYaYa - Baby VOX (cover by TWICE)
  16. Be Natural - S.E.S (cover by Red Velvet)
  17. My Childhood Dream - Turbo (cover by B.O.Y)
  18. Dreaming - Click-B
  19. Sorrow - Cool (cover by VIXX's Ravi, Red Velvet's Yeri, and Kim Wooseok)
  20. Look Back At Me - DEUX (cover by G-Dragon and Taeyang)
  21. I'm Your Girl - S.E.S (cover by Seo Haerin, Lee Haein, Baek Jiheon of Idol School)
  22. I Love You - S.E.S (cover by Red Velvet)
  23. No.1 - BoA (cover by NCT Dream)
  24. ID: Peace B - BoA (cover by Na Haeun and B.O.Y)
  25. Dear Mother - g.o.d (cover by ASTRO ft. g.o.d.'s Son Ho Young)

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Amy S.

I couldn’t remember lots of the artists or titles because I was younger when I heard my aunt and uncle playing these, so thank you for creating this list! <3


Cant forget HOT 뜨거 – 1tym..


Cant forget HOT 뜨거 – 1tym..

Peter Hwang

Thank you for this playlist!

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