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5 Ways to Meal Prep, Korean-Style

5 Ways to Meal Prep, Korean-Style

Every culture has portable, yet tasty meals that are designed to be taken other places for convenience. In Korea, these lunch boxes are referred to as doshirak (도시락), or a packed meal. Though they traditionally consist of rice and side dishes, the recipes used for Korean lunch boxes have changed over time; with people co-opting traditional dishes to be conveniently brought anywhere without losing the classic Korean flavor. To coincide with the fall release of our new doshirak lunch boxes, we have compiled a list of easy-to-make Korean dishes that can be brought to work or school!

KORE limited dosirak lunch box meal prep korean food

1. Kimbap (김밥, or Korean seaweed rice roll)

One of the easiest to make and most well-known Korean recipes is kimbap. Consisting of rice and other ingredients in a seaweed roll and served in bite size slices, this is a staple in any on-the-go lunch box. You can also personalize it to your tastes by adding cheese, kimchi, vegetables, and more! Check out an easy kimchi recipe here.

KORE LIMITED dosirak lunch box korea korean kimbap

2. Mandu (만두, or Korean dumplings)

Korean dumplings, or mandu, are another delicious staple of Korean food. Many Koreans have fond memories of watching their parents make these dumplings. While the preparation may take a little longer than other recipes on this list, you can make large quantities at once and keep them frozen and ready-to-heat for the next time you pack a lunch. Take a look at a recipe for mandu here.

KORE limited korea korean dumplings mandu dosirak lunch box 3. Gyeran mari (계란말이, or rolled omelette)

Gyeran mari is a savory banchan (반찬, or side dish) made with beaten eggs mixed with several finely diced ingredients. It’s very quick and easy to make, and you can add as many or as little ingredients as you like! Common ingredients include onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, or even ham and cheese. Here’s a gyeran mari recipe you can whip up in just fifteen minutes!

KORE limited gyeran mari korean rolled omelette korea dosirak lunch box

4. Ddukbokki (떡볶이, or spicy stir-fried rice cakes)

Ddukbokki is an extremely popular Korean street food, as well as a delicious comfort food. Korean people often pair ddukbokki with kimbap and/or soondae (blood sausages), though it is also eaten by itself. By adding some ramen noodles, the dish becomes called 'rabokki' (derived from ramen and ddukbokki), another favored dish. Find a recipe for both mild and spicy ddukbokki here.

KORE limited ddukbokki tteokbokki korean korea spicy rice cake doshirak lunch box

 5. Hotteok (호떡, or Korean pancakes)

Hotteok is a popular street food in Korea. Similar to a pancake, it is a pan-fried yeast dough stuffed with a brown sugar and nut filling. Though it is more of a delicacy than a lunchbox food, hotteok is a great snack to make on cold days. Like many of the other recipes we’ve included, it’s also easily customizable to your preference. You can put fillings such as red beans, cheese, or vegetables depending on if you want something savory or sweet. Check out a basic hotteok recipe here.

KORE limited korea korean pancakes hotteok dosirak lunch box

Planning on making any of these Korean meal prep recipes? Share your results in the comments below!

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