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KORE Attends We Bridge's First Event in Las Vegas

KORE Attends We Bridge's First Event in Las Vegas

On April 21-23, We Bridge hosted their first expo in celebration of Asian culture with Kpop performances by ONEUS, Dreamcatcher, CIX, Kang Daniel, Jessi, Monsta X, BE'O, Viviz, BamBam, and Enhypen. The expo also featured art galleries with artists - such as @sambypen, @n5bra, @mawzcom - and amazing Asian treats by local food vendors. The Vegas expo invited all Asian backgrounds in an intimate setting to experience a jam-packed weekend of Asian music, art, fashion, and food.

Over the 3 days, we met people from all over the world, and a few honorable mentions who hung out with us at our booth were Kang Daniel, Oneus, and of course, our influencers: @justrandomeveryday, @emily.ghoul, @sambypen, @lejonnytran, @_jjang.e, @Qwisteen, @ousk, @louballout, and more. It was amazing seeing new faces as well as reconnecting with old fans - some who came by repping our very first KORE snapbacks. It’s moments like these that remind us how far KORE has come over the last 10 years, and how blessed we are for the love and support.

This expo, we teamed up with Global Esports team T1, and installed a customization experience that allowed everyone to uniquely design our collab t-shirts and hats with KORE x T1 patches. The customization was our hottest item that allowed each person to take home a personalized one-off from the weekend's event. This collaboration piece was so popular that it completely sold out during the event. Some fans got creative and even requested customization on the KORE merch. 

We Bridge was a slightly different Kpop convention in that it offered a more fan-based experience. Attendees had the opportunity to be more up close with their idols with fan signing, hi-touch, and booth visits throughout the convention. The KORE booth also held multiple raffle drawings throughout the weekend to give away concert tickets, hi-touch, and merch so that fans could engage with their favorite artists. 

The Ultra Arena, seating a space of 12,000 attendees, was packed 2 nights in a row. And the space allowed fans to feel up close to their idols, providing a better music experience. The stage was built for each idol group to easily interact with fans; and Jessi went as far as going off stage a few times to hug her fans.

As this marks our 10th year, we are thankful add the first We Bridge to the books. Meeting our new and old fans out in Vegas meant so much for us, and we couldn't have had a better experience. If you missed this year's We Bridge, make sure to attend the next one. We'll see you there.

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