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Your Guide to K-Pop Airport Fashion

Your Guide to K-Pop Airport Fashion

K-Pop idols are known for their iconic fashion choices, as well as their status as trendsetters. However, idols’ iconic fashion isn’t just limited to the stage - the airport has also been a place for idols to show off their style. Interested in emulating the style of your biases? We’ve created a helpful guide to help you become an icon of Korean fashion in your own right.

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1. Classy

The mark of the classy style are straight and long silhouettes. You’ll generally see idols wearing wool coats, trousers, and oxford shoes or loafers in this look. As per the name, those who embody the classy airport fashion will often incorporate classic patterns and fabrics such as plaids and tweeds into their wardrobe, with a general color palette revolving around neutrals (such as beige, brown, and black) and jewel tones.

2. Streetwear

The beauty of streetwear is that it is versatile and there are many ways to wear it. This can be seen in the many types of streetwear out there- techwear, skatewear, etc. This means that this style can be more dressed up or dressed down, according to your preference. Commonly, idols will dress in all black, or wear different fabrics such as leather and nylon to add variety and texture to their look instead of incorporating more color.

You’ll want to be warm during this time of year - emulate the look of idols such as Suga, Chanyeol, and RM by layering our Corea 1900 hoodie under our 1909 Ahn Jung Geun Flag bomber jacket. Pair this with our Everyone And Their Mama cap or our Corea beanie for the ultimate showcase of Korean streetwear. 

BTS Jungkook JK outfit inspo with KORE Limited

3. Casual

Casual is the most readily available style for the everyday person, but there’s still a way to wear it right. Comfort is key with the casual style, but it’s important to note that casual does not mean sloppy. Idols will often pair well-fitting jeans or sweatpants/joggers with loose tee shirts and sneakers. Oversized hoodies are also commonly seen because of how cold airports and airplanes tend to be. Similar to streetwear, the casual style can be as colorful or monochrome as the wearer wants, making it one of the most popular styles to wear.

Kpop idol airport fashion with Blackpink Lisa outfit inspo KORE Limited hoodie

If you want to recreate this look, pick up our Don’t Care hoodie and our 1988 KORE LTD oversized tee to pair with your favorite bottoms and your most comfortable sneakers. For added style, our Corea 1909 tote bags have just dropped - the collegiate design is perfect for adding something special to your casual look.

Which kind of K-Pop airport fashion will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below!

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