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One-day Trip through Hongdae, Seoul

One-day Trip through Hongdae, Seoul

If you aren't familiar with Hongdae, it's basically the mecca for creating and culturing all kinds of artists and talents. During our brief trip, we met up with some amazing people and also hit up a couple of legit grub spots. Check it out.


Dokgo is probably one of the most talented and few remaining tattoo artists in Korea who specializes in traditional Korean art. He treated us to the most delicious and satisfying Korean meal ever. A serving for two people came with about 15 side dishes (that you don't pay for because that's how Korean restaurants roll), and each dish was perfectly authentic, just like grandma's home-cooked meals.

We went to chill at his place afterwards and couldn't pass the chance to take a couple photos of this guy and the gigantic Taegeukki hanging down his wall. This catch-up dinner spontaneously turned into a mini photoshoot, and we got a quick video of his place also. Click here to watch our YouTube clip.

(IG: @dokgoloco)



(IG: @saragagoitda)

If you haven't checked out Shinju Dakbar, this is the place to go in Hongdae. They're most known for their spicy chicken feet (a popular bar food) and wide array of old school hip hop decor. They got all sorts of signature streetwear plastering the walls of the restaurant, so it's definitely a unique place that every one needs to check out, especially if you're into good food and fashion. 



(IG: @namsoorin)

We all know Hongdae is lit at night with the endless clubs, bars, and karaoke. But it's also crowded with people during the day. Nam Soorin, one of the hottest streetwear models in South Korea, took us around the trendiest cafés, busiest shopping alleys, entertainment corners, and neighborhood street art. Of course, we had to shoot a couple frames with the most popular streetwear model in Korea. 

We stopped by one more place in Hongdae and met up with IAMNOTAHUMANBEING founder, CJ, to check out his store LA Kickz, the fastest expanding streetwear store in all of South Korea. Stay tuned to check out our next blog on how we came about doing our KORE X IAMNOTAHUMANBEING collaboration.

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