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Masks On: Let’s Live Together (같이살자)

Masks On: Let’s Live Together (같이살자)

The world needs unity now more than ever. During this global pandemic, it is important for us to show compassion and care for each other. One way to care for ourselves and others is wearing protective masks when you go outdoors. Though mixed messages have been sent regarding masks in the US, usage of masks is highly recommended and in some areas it is mandatory. While masks have only recently been encouraged in the US, South Korea and other Asian countries have long before normalized the usage of masks during the common cold and yellow dust (i.e. high air pollution) seasons.So when COVID-19 became a pandemic worldwide, one of the basic precautionary measures immediately implemented in South Korea was ramping up the production of face masks. While mixed thoughts about the effectiveness of masks were in debate in the US, South Korea had long practiced the usage of masks to help prevent spreading sickness. Korea had an early understanding that even a simple piece of fabric across the mouth could significantly reduce egress, or transmission of particles from the source to the external world. Think of it as sneezing into a tissue or your sleeve; we know this contains the germs better that sneezing into open air where they can disburse and reach larger spaces.

There has been a lot of news around the lack of personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare workers. That is why we decided to provide cloth masks for the general public so that more health-grade masks could be preserved for the brave healthcare workers who are at risk every day. To show our appreciation, we are donating 100% of the proceeds of our KORE and Let’s Live Together masks towards purchasing N95 masks for frontline workers in need. 

To join this movement, we made masks with two distinct designs. One has our classic KORE logo and the other has a phrase we felt was important to keep in mind during this time, “Let’s Live Together”. It’s a message that signifies that in order for us to live together, we must protect each other by doing our part, such as wearing masks.

In addition to these mask designs, we launched mask hoodies, a unique design that combines the comfort of a hoodie with the protection of a built-in mask. The hoodie’s mask can be detached on one side when not in use to display a KORE paisley graphic.  The red embroidered lettering on the hoodie reads “Let’s Live”, a reminder that we are not alone in this world and that we will always have each other. We have recently restocked these hoodies offered in two colors, black and graphite, so make sure to check them out before they sell out again! 

KORELIMITED, a brand that celebrates the Korean culture, style, and traditions, hopes to unify the world in this time of need through purposeful apparel. We will continue to post and create a space for our readers to connect. Please stay safe and healthy.


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Ana B.

srsly, masks are such a common thing in Asia. it should become normalized here too imo.

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