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This past April through May, we got to explore the motherland South Korea and had the opportunity to learn more about our cultural roots as well as the current street wear trends. We met up with some amazing people and got to step through the hottest spots in South Korea. 



Here's a short video of our photoshoot with Nikki.
We had an eventful photoshoot with Nicole Quintero at Gyeongbuk Palace. This place was so full of not just historical buildings, but also tons of traditional art and mesmerizing patterns. Most people rented out hanboks, but we found a young couple decked out in Korean school uniforms from the '70s. 

(IG: @nikkiiquintero)



(IG: @nicqueen @reuben.jw)

Nicole and Reuben joined us at Seoul's Olympic Park, a massively large family-friendly park that was built for the Olympics in 1988. Hosting the 1988 Olympics in Seoul was an enormous stepping stone that helped South Korea to be known world-wide. This park was personally significant for us because we had designed our Olympic 1988 zip-ups and snapbacks after being inspired from this historical event. 



Haeundae is a must-visit beach when visiting Busan, so we did just that. We ate some fresh seafood and watched live performances along the promenade when we spotted some international students who were down to take a couple photos in our gear. It's awesome to see so many people appreciative of Korean culture and lifestyle. 

It's always good to be back in the motherland. Hopefully, we will make a trip out again soon. Make sure to also check out our 'One Day Trip Through Hongdae, Seoul' post to see who we met up with in Hongdae.

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