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Behind The Traditional Pattern In Our KORE Paisley Design

Behind The Traditional Pattern In Our KORE Paisley Design

Recently, we released our KORE Paisley design as a part of our S/S 22 collection. This design has rapidly become one of our most popular releases, namely due to the stunning traditional pattern seen in the print. But where did our inspiration come from?

We also just released a blog detailing the historical background behind our Explosion Flag design, which is also a part of S/S 22. Read it here:

Traditional Korean patterns are seen as visual art; and are detailed with symbolism, value, and emotion. These prints often capture the beauty of nature, longing for a utopia, affection, and the prayers for good fortune.'

Pictured above: A geometric pattern printed on the silk of a Korean hanbok (left); a geometric pattern featured on the strings of a norigae, a Korean accessory (right).

The particular traditional pattern seen in the KORE Paisley tee is a geometric print, and can be found on everything from silk fabric to Korean desserts. The pattern has been seen on art and architecture dating back hundreds of years, showing its longevity and the cultural significance.

Pictured above: A geometric pattern imprinted on a Korean dessert, dasik.

As a brand that prides itself on creating streetwear with substance, we decided to incorporate this beautiful geometric pattern into our KORE Paisley design in a subtle nod to one of the most common types of patterns seen in traditional Korean art.

Our KORE Paisley tee is available now in the colorways Ice Grey and White. Make sure to cop your tee before they sell out!

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