Ahn's Flag of 1909 from KORELIMITED WINTER '19

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Have you checked the pieces from our Winter '19 collection? We love every one of them, but the most special is probably our 1909 Ahn's Flag.

It's a simple bomber jacket with Korelimited embroidery on the front and Ahn's 1909 Flag on the back. We all know a classic bomber jacket is timeless and fitting for any decade. The unique factor lies with the flag, known as Ahn's flag. This season, we worked towards producing this historical flag as similar as possible to the color and texture of the original and will be patching them on a limited number of bombers this year.

Here's the history lesson on the flag and why it's different from the other Korean flags:

From the mid-late 19th century, Korea (which was one country at the time) experienced growing political and social influence from Japan. From trading to financial structures, Japanese ideas were gradually but quickly becoming immersed into Korea's systems. Eventually, the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1905 (also known as the Eulsa Treaty or Eula Unwilling Treaty) stripped Korea of its diplomatic powers and made it a protectorate of Japan. In response, Korean activists rose up to protect the nation's independence.

Ahn Jung Geun, one of the independent activists and a significant historical figure today, pledged to fight for Korea's independence by cutting off a part of his left fourth finger along with 11 other activists. They wrote the characters 大韓獨立 (or 대한독립, meaning independence of Korea) with their blood on the Korean flag, and this flag became known as Ahn's Flag of 1909, a symbol of Korea's independence from Japanese imperialism.

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