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More On The Korean Flag and Behind Our Drip Flag Design

More On The Korean Flag and Behind Our Drip Flag Design

The Korean flag is one of, if not the most recognizable of the country’s emblems. It represents Korea’s history and values on the world stage, making it an important symbol of the country. Such an important part of Korean culture understandably has strict rules as to its proportions and measurements. We based our new Drip Flag design on these proportions as we created a calligraphy-style version of the Korean flag.

Like most other countries’ flags, the Korean flag has an aspect ratio of 2:3. The flag also features a taegeuk, or yin-yang symbol, turned 45 degrees.

You might also notice the presence of the trigrams in the four corners of the flag. The placement of these symbols is meant to represent a number of concepts derived from Confucian principles - including the sun, moon, earth, and heaven; the four cardinal directions; and the four seasons. These trigrams are also featured on the front of our Drip Flag design to pay homage to their importance in the many iterations of the Korean flag.

In our previous blog, we discussed the meaning behind the different design features on the Korean flag. Learn more in our blog:

The History of the Korean Flag

Make sure to check out our Drip Flag design, available as a long sleeve in the colorways Ash and White; and as a tee in the colorways Khaki, Sky Blue, and White.

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