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Jinro is Back: Paying Homage to the Iconic Soju’s ‘Newtro’ Look

Jinro is Back: Paying Homage to the Iconic Soju’s ‘Newtro’ Look

Soju is incredible. This Korean rice-wine is renowned for its ubiquity and timeless popularity in Korean culture. It's served at almost every occasion and seen as a national alcoholic beverage of Korea. Soju comes bottled in the iconic green glass and has many brands and flavors. But if you were to ask South Koreans right now what their favorite soju is, no doubt a great deal of them would say Jinro.

jinro green soju bottle

Jinro soju is legendary. Created in 1924 by Hite Jinro, this soju brand quickly elevated itself to the top by becoming the best-selling soju on the market - domestically and internationally. Without a doubt, the hype is real with Jinro; since it is in such high demand inside South Korea, finding it here in the States has become impossible. Jinro soju accounts for half of all white spirits in the South Korean market, 97% of which is occupied by soju. A further testament to Jinro’s popularity was in 2013 when 750 million bottles were sold worldwide, out-selling Smirnoff which did not even make half of those sales. 

Recently, Hite Jinro’s soju line has gone through a radical redesign which has made the Jinro brand soar high once again. Jinro soju bottles can now be seen sporting a sleek new retro blue and white design which pays tribute to a label from the 1970s. This ‘newtro’ look gave birth to the ‘Jinro is back’ slogan hoping to capture the attention of the new generation of drinkers and the nostalgia of soju veterans alike. 
We at KORELIMITED wanted to commemorate this occasion with our seasonal look inspired by Jiro's ‘newtro’ look. Check out our Soju Samcha sweater, now available in crewneck and hoodie outer.

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