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Let's face it, the saying really is true that history repeats itself and this seems to hold true to fashion trends as well. From cuffed pants and high-top sneakers to vintage jackets and all-denim everything, fashion today is continuously gaining inspiration from past trends! We here at KORELIMITED have no objections to moving in this direction also. Long-awaited by the staff working hard to bring you only the best, we introduce to you our latest collab design by @johnsonnle, KOR3 Retro. 

KOR3 Retro has everything that reminds us of the '80s. Vector lines, neon lights, and funky fonts; if it pops, it was probably from the '80s. This design brings all of those elements onto both long sleeve and short sleeve tees that will go well with all of the retro-inspired fashion we are seeing today. Let's have a chat with the designer to learn more.

What was the inspiration for you to create this design? Are there any designers by which you were influenced?

A lot of the influence for the design comes from a genuine liking for the '80s and everything that era had to offer. Stranger Things had a timely release as well, and this sparked some creative ideas in me. The '80s music, such as retro synth influences and artists like Prince helped me create this design also.

As far as designers who influenced my choices, there were two: Canadian Digital Artist James White (@signalnoise) and Motion Designer Kidmograph (@kidmograph).


Can you describe your creative process when composing new designs?

[It's] Probably just listening to music and studying the brand's identity that I'm working with. Watching movies to look for inspiration at the same time helps the process also. Finding colors and references to font and text, playing around with fillings and letter, the process is very dynamic. Being open-minded is key. I had a lot of creative freedom while working with KORELIMITED.

Besides working with KORELIMITED, did you want to branch off into making a brand of your own?

I actually work as a co-owner of the brand Maybe Tomorrow. I work with three other people who are constantly trying to make a living while working on this new brand. The brand started in September, we're currently working to promote and create more in the future.

What role (if any) do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Today's generation has no rules; everyone is mixing and matching high-end clothing with streetwear styles. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as they are comfortable and confident in what they are wearing. Social media has made many people become materialistic and this fact plays a big role in fashion, especially in the creation of trends and styles.

KOR3 Retro is the latest addition to our growing collection of designs, and as we continue to evolve alongside the ever-changing street fashion scene, we will do our best to bring you unique designs from amazing creators like Johnson. Be on the lookout for more dope designs in the near future. For now, show some love by copping our newest retro tee today!