Jinjoo, the guitar girl, from DNCE rocking hard on the guitar.

A few years ago, we spotted a talented and amazing Korean guitar girl named Jinjoo (also known as @jinjootheguitargirl on Instagram) and immediately linked up with her. About 10 years ago, Jinjoo had boldly traveled alone to the States from South Korea for the sole purpose of pursuing music. She emerged from the challenges of studying music in a foreign country and landed her first gig with Jordin Sparks, while Jordin was touring with the Jonas Brothers in 2009. From there on, Jinjoo worked with many other famous celebrities like CeeLo Greene, Charli XCX, and Ciara and is now a member of our favorite band DNCE with Joe Jonas, Cole Whittle, and Jack Lawless.

Having the same appreciation and goal of Keepin Our Roots Eternal, we connected well with Jinjoo and have been supporting one another since day one. We are excited to finally drop our first collaboration with our fam and sister Jinjoo this year.  

KORE x JINJOO's very comfortable GTFO hoodie in pink.

Our KORE x JINJOO collaboration is a small collection of a hoodie, long sleeve, and dad hat. The GTFO hoodies and long sleeves ride as a part 2 series of the MCN design, Jinjoo's favorite long sleeve. With the abbreviation of 닥치시오 (or STFU) on the right sleeve and 꺼지시오 (GTFO) on the left sleeve, the design comes in multiple colorways for both hoodies and long sleeves.

KORE x JINJOO GTFO comes in long sleeves in 3 colorways.

The dad hat, personally designed by the guitarist herself, is the Taegeuk Butterfly. After randomly doodling on a piece of napkin, Jinjoo sent us a photo of the sketch and we converted the design to our hat embroidery. The Taegeuk Butterfly incorporates the components of the Korean flag (or Taegeukki) in the shape of a butterfly with the body holding the flag's yin & yang and the wings marked with the trigrams. This design also comes in 4 hat colors.

Kryskhloe wearing KORE x JINJOO's Taegeuk Butterfly dad hat and Korelimited K tee.

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